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If you're anything like me, the thought of plastering your face all over Instagram to sell your digital products and courses is not your vibe.

You have a killer product, a compelling message but you just don't have the aesthetic home (or the time) to create beautiful video content for your reels and you're wondering how the f'ck you're going to pull off this faceless thing. 

Fear not! I've discovered a game-changing solution: content banks!

In this post, I'll unveil seven top-notch content banks designed to elevate your aesthetic reels and transform your Instagram feed into a visual masterpiece! 

But... What Is a Content Bank?

Imagine having access to a collection of stunning, high-quality, influencer style clips that perfectly align with your unique aesthetic and faceless brand - that's the beauty of a Content Bank!

Content banks are like your very own secret stash of ready-to use digital assets, such as images, videos, graphics and templates, that you can access and utilize for the gram (or various other purposes!). These assets are often curated based on themes, styles, or topics, making it super convenient to find suitable content for your brand, and basically, make your life a whole lot easier and your content way more awesome - without ever having to reveal the face behind the scenes.

If you want to make money with a faceless account on Instagram, you’re going to need a good content bank for your reels. End, Of. Story. With a content bank under your sleeve, simply download some content, add an on-screen hook over the top and a high-value caption and voila! you've got an Instagram account you can sell with.

Let's delve into how these digital treasure troves are revolutionizing the Instagram game!

Why Use Content Banks?

1. Time Saving

Your time is PRECIOUS. We didn't get into this business to create less time, right? Content Banks serve as your time-saving superheroes and make content creation a breeze. 

2. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Ever stumbled upon an Instagram feed that just felt visually right? That's what consistency with your content and branding does—it creates a harmonious flow that sticks with your audience. Content Banks help ensure each post stays consistent with your brands aesthetic. It's not just about pretty pictures; it's about crafting a memorable brand identity.

3. You Don't Want to Show Your Face

Here’s the thing, just because you want to make money online, doesn’t mean you want to be the face of your brand — and that’s perfectly ok! Content Banks are the ultimate powerhouse for the faceless market. Fearlessly narrate your brand story, without revealing your identity - allowing you to dive deeper into your WHY and create authentic connections with your Audience.

Sold on content banks? Here's my favorite ones below!

The BEST Content Banks For Faceless Content...


Forefolk are a fantastic LIFESTYLE content bank who create aesthetic lifestyle stock videos and images with women in mind. If you do not have the capacity to film lifestyle videos, this one is for you.

Pricing is very reasonable with an unlimited plan at $29.95USD per month.

Click here to view their plans


A familiar, b-roll style content bank with a very large video bank, adding 100-200+ videos every month. Their content is BEAUTIFUL and perfect for faceless brands.

Unlimited memberships start at $120USD per quarter ($40USD per month)

Click here to view their plans 


If you are looking for something a little more elevated, then Packsia might be your jam. Their content is incredibly well organised and efficiently categorized with the ability to download content in co-ordinated "packs". You can view their content before signing up and they have very affordable beginner plans starting from $15USD for 5 monthly credits. 

Click here to view their plans 


My personal fav! Another elevated content bank, who have an amazing mix of images, video, social media templates and helpful guides to elevate your content creation. Designed to help you build a polished & powerful brand across all your marketing channels with their expertly curated library of premium stock assets.

You can download 21 FREE stock images and videos as a taste of what they offer! Memberships start from $149USD per quarter ($50USD per month)

Click here to view their plans


ESI started as an image-based platform with beautiful editorial style stock images designed for creatives, by creatives.  As video content has increased in popularity, they have adapted and now have a gallery of over 120+ (and growing) videos as well as over 4000+ images. Their content is designed to enhance your brand and drive authentic, deep, human centered connection. 

Membership pricing starts at $49USD per month for 40 monthly credits. 

Check them out here  and if you love them, use my code THEMRRCOLLECTIVE15 for 15% off your membership!


The Content have about 900+ vertical videos at the click of a button. They have a very aesthetically pleasing and on trend stock library and release new content drops every month.  

Memberships start at $25GBP/ $32USD unlimited and you can view their pricing plans here!


The Studio Brief offers vertical stock videos filmed specifically with social media in mind. They have very natural b-roll videos and have one the lowest cost plans I can find. 

You can get started for as low as $5GBP/$6.50USD per month for 10 monthly downloads OR $35GBP/$45USD for the unlimited plan. 

Check them out here

Looking for something FREE?

I also absolutely LOVE Kamboopics - They have a fabulous free stock library to download, with many aesthetically pleasing images and video in a range of themes!


There you have it! Building your brand takes hard work and consistency, but with the right support and tools, you can succeed, and these content banks are your GOLDEN TICKET to Faceless Instagram success!


Some of these links may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. I will ONLY ever suggest or promote brands that I align with or have used myself!. 

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